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ACCA Distance Learning vs. Classroom Learning: What’s the Best Way to Study?

  •      Is ACCA distance learning a good way to study for the ACCA?
  •      What about traditional classroom learning?
  •      Online classes vs traditional classes: which style better suits me?
  •      Am I more likely to pass with ACCA online learning or classroom learning?

Those are all questions you’re probably asking if you’re thinking about taking the ACCA. Or maybe you’ve started but keep failing the ACCA exams – and know something needs to change. (more…)

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Your Complete Guide to ACCA Session CBEs

Changes to the ACCA always freak students out but don’t panic.
ACCA session CBEs are a very different exam format, but one you’ll ultimately much prefer. They’re a more intuitive, familiar, comfortable way to sit exams and use the same tools and technologies you’ll use day-to-day in your career.

At LearnSignal, we have just launched our specialist CBE platform to help you prepare for these new exams and we’re the only learning provider to offer unlimited free constructed response CBE practice questions for our students. (more…)


Should I get my ACCA exams rechecked?

If your results weren’t quite what you expected, your first thought is probably to get your ACCA exams rechecked. Especially if you’re one of those students sitting on a 47, 48, or 49. That’s an awful feeling, and getting your results rechecked feels like another roll of the dice.

But is it really worth getting your ACCA exams rechecked? How likely are the examining team to have made a mistake – especially one that will change your grade from a fail to a pass? (more…)